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5 ways to get your business ready for the holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season! Often, the season sneaks up on us quickly. Amongst all of the personal holiday madness, we tend to forget how the holidays affect our businesses. A mistake that can hurt your profit and reputation. In order to save you the stress of planning, we have thought of 5 ways to get your business ready for the holidays!

1. Make a list and check it twice!

To start off, work on this small list of quick to-dos! First and foremost, be sure to update your company’s hours anywhere you can. This means your website, social media, Yelp, Google and any other platforms that your company is on. Be sure to include what days your business will be closed during the holidays.
Secondly, create automatic email responses for days that you will be on vacation or when your business will be closed. No response is worse than an automatic response. If you see fit, leave a phone number where clients can reach you if there is an urgent matter.
Lastly, decorate your office or storefront! The most important decoration is a sign with your holiday hours and closing dates. Other than that, decorate as you and your employees please. Be sure to be inclusive of the holidays your employees celebrate!
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2. Make your social media and marketing emails festive!

When it comes to your social media and email marketing, the holidays are a time for gaining followers and subscribers! The holidays allow you to be more relatable and personal within these two tactics.
Things get a little more silly during the holidays on social media! This is a great time to post behind the scenes content and fun activities in your office.
This is also a great time for new email campaigns. A newsletter to your clients is usually greatly appreciated and have higher open rates! You can even include your promotions in these. Use time-sensitive or holiday-related phrases in your subject line to create a sense of urgency.

3. Give thanks to your employees!

Making your employees feel valued, appreciated and celebrated is an important internal relations effort. This effort can begin with awareness and inclusivity of what holidays your employees celebrate. You can decorate accordingly with mix and match holiday items!
Office parties are a great way to show you care, whether it is in the office or outside of it. Helpful hint: get your staff’s input on what kind of celebration they would enjoy most. This could be anything from just having holiday treats in the office to booking a party room at their favorite restaurant! When you establish these traditions in the office, you encourage your employees to bond as a team and improve morale.

4. ‘Tis the season of giving (and selling)

The key to holiday promotions is creating a sense of urgency. You can run limited-time promotions ending sooner rather than later and put a big emphasis on their end date. This can work for products or services. For services, consider giving free demos, trial periods or discounted periods. If you sell products, remind customers that the promotion is limited and that they may want to buy before it sells out!

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5. Find out what tactics were naughty and which ones were nice

After all of your holiday marketing tactics are in place, keep track of their results! Check to see if they drove more traffic to your website, review your social media analytics and check your emails when you get back! Decide what worked and what did not, so that you can improve next year.

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