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8 Simple Ways to Boost Creativity

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense” – Pablo Picasso

Many of us could only hope and dream to be as creative as the famous Pablo Picasso. However, there are a few steps we could take to become Picasso – as far as creativity goes. Keep in mind that being creative is much more than painting, writing copy or graphic design, it can apply to our everyday life.

1. Make lists

Make lists – like this one! Who doesn’t love a good list? Lists can keep your thoughts organized and on track to complete your next masterpiece. Writing down your ideas is a perfect way to stay on track. Lists can be used for everything, from daily tasks to brainstorming to even reducing anxiety. There really is no stopping what a good list can do! There is even scientifically backed research done on the importance of a list.

2. Express Yourself

It’s okay to be a human and be real. Don’t hold back on your creative instincts and ideas when trying to boost creativity. No idea is a bad idea; approach the ones you think might fail. Rethink labels you have been conditioned with from the start and figure out what they mean to you. When expressing yourself, you may find that you are not alone in your ideas and there are more people out there with a similar thought process. This can provide you with the chance to bridge differences and realities. According to Psychology Today, self-expression might be one – if not the most important – way for people to connect, navigate and grow with each other.

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3. Include yourself in the conversation

This goes back to self expression and collaboration with like minded individuals. Ask yourself the who, what and where for your topic. Be aware of how people are digesting content in today’s world. Use social listening and harness important keywords that can spark a creative idea. More importantly, take a look at who is engaging with your competition and determine what they are they doing differently.

4. Stay Updated on current trends and topics

Keeping up to date on developments within your industry, as well as industries outside of your own, will allow for new opportunities to emerge and expand your knowledge outside of the box. Even keeping up with world news and current events is vital to being in the know. By doing so you can leverage new content, discover new audiences and be able to deliver to your audience the content they desire. Being creative is all about growing and this is just one simple way to reach that goal.

5. Consume content out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone even  a little can open doors and ideas that you were unaware of. Allow yourself to overcome negativity that may block your creative self from developing. When was the last time you read about how to survive a shark attack? Or the most disappointing tourist attractions? Whatever it may be, take risks because you may end up surprising yourself. According to Entrepreneur, research suggests that broadening your knowledge by way of unfamiliar topics fosters new ideas and divergent thinking.

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7. Change your surroundings

Don’t hesitate to make simple changes because you don’t think it won’t aide in your creative process. Change your desk or whatever space you do your creative thinking in. Change out the same old mug you use everyday for your coffee to a new one. Step outside and let your mind wander for a change.

8. Ask for advice or feedback

This last suggestion might be the hardest for most of us to do. It is okay to ask for help or feedback. Getting an outside perspective is never a bad thing. Someone’s perspective or constructive criticism could spark an even better idea. Sometimes an idea is a as simple as a fresh perspective.

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