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Organic vs. Local SEO

Organic vs. Local Search

What’s the difference? When you hear the words ‘organic and ‘local’ you may automatically think about the farmers market you go to every Saturday morning where they sell fresh, organic produce.

But what about when you throw SEO at the end of the words? You mind may still be on the right track but let’s break it down when it comes to your business and online presence.

Organic Search

An organic search, also known as just a traditional search, is a search that is earned and not paid for. Organic search results happen with someone is just seeking information and it doesn’t necessarily have a geographic component that ties in. For example instead of googling “coffee” I google “how to make coffee”. My search implies that I don’t want to find coffee near me, I just want to know how to make it.

Local Search

While an organic search is earned, a local search has a geographical component to it. Google already assumes that you want something local or close by when you make a search. For example, if you are in Seattle, Washington and you google “coffee” the first three results that pop up are going to be the closest to your location. Even though you didn’t specify your location, google still assumed you wanted to access the closest possible coffee to you.

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Organic SEO vs Local SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a vital in appearing on the first page of google results. Let’s be honest, no one goes to the second page or any page after that the first. Search engine optimization works with google to try to make sure searches are relevant with your business. To rank higher in both organic and local SEO, your business has to have some connection with the search.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO relies solely on if a search is relevant to your website. Organic SEO is also important if you don’t have an actual establishment for your business but instead an online business. However, even if you may or may not have an actual space for your business SEO is still important for your online presence. Using keywords throughout headings and paragraphs on your website will help you appear in the right searches and drive traffic to your website. This is why SEO and optimizing your website for search engines is so important.

Local SEO

Just like local searches have a lot to do with location, so does local SEO. Implementing simple SEO procedures can help your business appear in searches. Starting with your businesses name, address and phone number consistent across and directories you are on and your website. Your local results will always appear with your business information, ratings and reviews on Google. Search engines like Google favor businesses with SEO and trusted locations.

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Still feeling lost?

Hearing search engine optimization for the first time can be overwhelming. Hearing it’s an important part of your business and website is even more concerning. Rainman Digital is here to help you with all your digital marketing needs! From a custom website to those important keywords that get your found in all the digital noise.

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