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Pros and Cons of a Template Based Design

A website is often times the very first impression a client gets of your brand and business so it’s an important investment to make. And just like your business, you want your website to stand out from the competition. So now you may be wondering what website design option is best for your business to build an online identity; template or custom?

Template Website


  • The first and most appealing choice for a template based website is that it’s cheap. Using a template that is already set up is going to cost you less than a customized website optimized for your business. With that being said, a template based website is optimal for a short term basis but could eventually hurt your business in the long run. A custom website is infact a long-term investment and a marketing tool that is meant to increase leads and business. In addition, a template based website can be cheaper upfront but there are always hidden fees when you want to add anything outside of the limitations of the template. Templates are based on a very limited structure so adding customization is difficult to not possible.
  • Secondly, a template based website is quick. As mentioned earlier, a template is great a great short term solution. It can be great for a presentation or example. You could have a whole online presence through a template within a couple of days. Because you are using such a quick and simple template it’s guaranteed other people will have the same design as you and your site may not work across all devices.
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  • Your template based website will not deliver results that make your stand out from the competition. A template is available for everyone so if you are looking for a site that is exclusive to your brand – this is not the option for you. Again, a template is extremely limited on customizations, that is if you are even able to customize the template. Templates prioritize design before content so they likely won’t boost your businesses exclusive content.
  • Templates are not built for search engines and especially not optimized for SEO. You won’t rise in search rankings because the graphics and coding associated with templates are not appealing to search engines. Even more so, you will have to continuously keep up with all your SEO efforts and plug ins. Even the fanciest of plugins need updating.

Custom Website


  • The most rewarding part about a custom website is that it’s tailored and built exclusively for you. Customization makes your brand stand out from the competition. A custom website is not only beautiful, but also more adaptable to your needs. You will never have to worry about website functionality as it will be built to work across all browsers and devices. Along with a custom built website, you also receive direct support from a digital marketing company whenever you have questions or concerns. Need something changed immediately? The web design company is a call away and can have it changed most likely within the hour.
  • You don’t have to worry about hackers knowing your web design because it is made specifically for your business by a professional. A custom website is less appealing to hackers because they cant find loopholes making you and your clients information safe.


  • Since a custom website is an investment for your business it can be time consuming. It can also take time to implement changes to a website since you are depending on a professional to do it for you. The time it takes to design you website all depends on the complexity of the function and design of your site. However, when you hire a web designer, you will be dealing with an experienced professional that can get the task done in a timely manner.
  • Of course, a custom based website will cost more than a template. With a custom website, you get what you pay for the same as you would a template. However, costs will be upfront and an investment for your business that you can expect to see positive results from. The cost of your website solely depends on all the bells and whistles you wish your website to have.
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At Rainman Digital, we have been creating custom web sites and content for almost 10 years. We service clients coast to coast of every size business. We are simply good at building beautiful websites and we know what it takes to bring in new clients. With our creativity and personalized experience we know we can be your digital storytellers.

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