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5 signs it’s time to update your website

Do you have a website that is ready to bring you new clients in 2019? Having an outdated website can hurt your online presence. It is time to toss your 90s template and leave it in the past. Instead, opt for a fresh, beautiful website.

1. Web views aren’t converting to clients

There could be several reasons for this issue. Broken links, fuzzy graphics and outdated information are just a few to name. Maybe your website isn’t the easiest to navigate or read. If your bounce rate is high then this could be a huge indicator that it is time to redesign. Your website is your digital first impression and if people don’t like your homepage than they are most likely just leaving your site and not clicking around on the rest of your content.

2. Slow loading website

In today’s world if your website doesn’t load within 5 seconds most people assume something is wrong with your site. Most people simply won’t wait for a website to load either. Time is precious and in this fast past world we live in, we don’t waste a second of it.

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3. Not optimized for mobile devices

Keeping your website current with trends in technology is important and smartphones are something you can not ignore. If your website does not work across multiple platforms like mobile devices and tablets in today’s market then you decrease the chance of people seeing your business. You don’t want the design of your website, or lack of, to get in the way of your content and potential leads.

4. Outdated buttons

Outdated looking call to action buttons are a sure fire indicator that your website hasn’t been updated since ‘06. Web design is all about what is visually appealing so if you have a button that is flashing with different colored block letters you are turning people away instead of attracting them. Being able to easily navigate a web page is an essential part of any good website.

5. No links to social media

A lot of people look for social media links on a website to get to know more about a company. If you are lacking links to your social media it can be a turnoff for potential clients. Social media can be a way for clients to get to know your business more before visiting it or having to call. Social media is a great way to offer an exclusive look into your company for behind the scenes and special promotions. Even more so, if your social media is not linked to your website, then you come across as not having any, which in turn puts you behind the market trends.

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Redesign Your Website With Rainman Digital

If you make an assessment of your website and meet any of these criteria, you should consider having your website professionally designed to maintain maximum conversions. Your website is your digital first impression and Rainman Digital can help you put your best image forward. Our knowledgeable team of experienced web designers and content writers are experts at making beautiful, user-friendly and responsive Google ranking websites. Give us a call at (210)  647 - 6333 or contact us online, let's brainstorm!

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