Top 4 Negative SEO Tactics You Need to Know

The Dark Side of SEO: Battle to The Top of Search Engine Results

Just like the dark side of the force, the world of SEO has its own dark side. It is known as negative SEO. Angry competitors can draw upon negative SEO tactics to help them win the battle to the top of Google’s search results. Sadly, this is done by making their rival’s website suffer. How can you tell if someone is attempting to attack your site with negative SEO? What exactly is it? Is it a real threat you need to keep your website safe from?


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Social Media Trend Calendar – 2019

Keeping Up With Social Media Trends

One of the most helpful tactics in building your social media presence is keeping up with trends. When using these trends, only use them if you can authentically relate them to your business. For example, if it’s National Dog Day and you are a law firm, this probably isn’t the best trend for you unless you have an office pup! However, if it is National Dog Day and you sell dog treats or you are a veterinarian, take full advantage of this one!

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