4 Ways the Rise of Voice Search Will Reshape SEO

In the movie “Her”, we see a lonely Joaquin Phoenix develop a complex relationship and eventually fall in love with his phones’s Siri-like digital assistant, a form of voice search. Although we cringed at the screen, the movie did end up predicting how much our technology driven society would one day rely on voice search. Clearly, we aren’t on our way to dating our digital assistants, but we are moving from typing our questions to speaking them into our devices.

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Rainman Digital’s Top Website Development Tools

Batman Has Nothing On Our Website Development Tools

Like Batman, Rainman has a lot of tools in our utility belt. While we don’t have a Batarang (yet), we do use a lot of awesome plugins, software and services to ensure our clients get the SEO-ready website of their dreams. Today, we’re going to give you a peak into out proverbial Batcave by sharing some of our favorite website development tools that help us build and maintain website. In the spirit of high school, we’ll be presenting our list of a la senior superlatives.

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